Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Return to Sanctuary!
After posting about my weekend book find last night, I realized that I somehow neglected to buy book #11, Uneasy Alliances. I could have sworn I bought it...anyway, after getting home from work tonight, I headed back to the book store, figuring that nobody would touch it. After all...I nabbed the first ten books. Unless someone that was missing that precise volume from their Thieves' World collection stopped in, I assumed it would still be there on the shelf waiting for me.

Thankfully, it was. But wait! My good fortune doesn't stop there! I stopped by the hardcover sci-fi/fantasy section on my way out, and the fates were with me once again! There on the shelf were three good-as-new copies of Turning Point, the Lynn Abbey-edited anthology tome that follows her Thieves' World revamp Sanctuary (which you'll remember is the very book that started this whole Thieves' World buying spree.)

So I am, $30 poorer, but filled with all kinds of warm fuzziness at the prospect of mentally strolling the smelly back-alleys of one of the greatest seedy dives in all of fantasy fiction.

Check out the photo below of my newly acquired collection!

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Talkin' to Rog
I was pleased to note that film critic Roger Ebert addressed an e-mail I sent regarding Disney's Song of the South in last week's Movie Answer Man column.

I should note that on the other two occasions I e-mailed Mr. Ebert, he didn't post my e-mail...but he did personally reply to my e-mails. Very cool chap, that Mr. Ebert...

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Monday, September 06, 2004

Sanctuary at last!
While perusing my local used book store over the weekend (in search of a copy of Hockey For Dummies) I spied a great book in the bargain section...Lynne Abbey's stand-alone Thieve's World novel Sanctuary. Released in 2002, Sanctuary revived the great shared-world fantasy universe of Thieve's World which was immensely popular from the early-80's to the mid-90's.

When I was but a wee punk rocker / D&D nerd back in high school, I voraciously devoured each and every Thieve's World novel for the entire run. Alas, over the years, my collection of original Thieve's World paperbacks was lost during one of my many moves in the last decade or so.

Anyway, seeing as how Half-Price Books was having a big bargain-book sale, the tome, which was stickered at a mere dollar, only cost me fifty cents! W00t! Even better, as I was on my way to the checkout counter, I wound my way through the Fantasy & Sci-Fi section and lo and behold, the entire Thieve's World series was sitting there on the bottom shelf! Well, almost the entire series...they only had books 1-11. Volume 12, Stealer's Sky, was nowhere to be seen. Still...there they were! Knowing that my pocketbook was trembling in fear, I greedily snatched up all 11 paperbacks and rushed to the counter before rational thoughts overtook my rampaging id.

The next day, after a nice evening poring over my treasured find, I happened upon a copy of Beyond the Veil at the Half-Price Books near my place of work. Beyond the Veil is one of the many books tied to the Theive's World universe featuring the immortal mercenary Tempus, leader of the vicious Hell Hounds.

Of course, now that I've nabbed all these, I need to hit Ebay or and track down all the rest (including Tempus Unbound, which brings Tempus to modern-day NYC, and Andrew Offutt's fantastic Shadowspawn series, starring the coolest cat in all of Sanctuary, Hanse Shadowspawn).

My inner-child is well sated, folks.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Radio...from BEYOND THE GRAVE!!!
WOXY is back in action! Serge Gainsbourg and The Pixies in the last half hour...I'm in heaven.
Why not check them out and see why 97x is by far one of the best underground rock stations in THE WORLD.

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When Morons Attack!
This is funny. I ran across this little time-waster on Boing Boing...basically you just look up critically acclaimed media goodies and sort the reviews by 'lowest ranked to highest'. I'd like to think you can't judge people by their tastes, but some of these people are just plain morons.

One of my favorite gems was from a goofball named 'Leonard Snerdly' (is that really his name?)

The esteemed Mr. Snerdly on Casablanca:

"I rented this waiting to be blown away. I'm still waiting. I expected a lot more action. I'm pretty sure I will enjoy it a lot more when Warner Bros finally gets around to releasing the colorized version, the way this movie needs to be seen - the world is not black and white, why should our movies be?" (* out of *****)

And here's his take on the craptacular E.T. ripoff Mac and Me:

"I feel a little silly, a man of my age writing a review for this movie. Especially since I've seen so many movies, and should really know better than to like this. "Mac and Me" has been lost in the sands of time, relegated to the back shelves of video stores where it is destined to be misunderstood as an E.T. knockoff.

But it's so much more. In an age where we are over-quick to over-praise cold-hearted films like "Godfather", "Pulp Fiction" and "The Lion King", "Mac and Me" stands out as a movie with a heart, something sadly missing in today's filmgoing world.

"Mac and Me" was where I first understood that aliens did not have to be the bloodthirsty monsters of "Alien", "Spaced Invaders" and "Invaders from Mars" - they could be our friends. "E.T." may have had a similar message, but that flying-bike scene was just too reckless. . .kids could hurt themselves trying to copy it. "Mac and Me" was wholesome and friendly.

Perhaps I am the only member of the population who feels this movie is more than ready for a DVD roll-out, or possible theatrical rerelease. Perhaps I am the only one who cries, even today, on what must be my thirtieth viewing on a cassette that has long since passed the point of audio/visual clarity. Perhaps I am the only one who still feels that movies need a heart."
(***** out of *****)
This is why every time the eggheads at NASA announce that an asteroid is on a potential collision course with Earth, a tiny little piece of my heart leaps with exasperated glee.

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Monday, June 28, 2004

Spelunking in Cincy
Just noticed this on Boing Boing. Yes, Cincinnati does have long-abandoned subway tunnels. And like BB's David Pescovich, I've been down there. Believe it or not, there used to be an access point at the football field on the U.C. campus. About 15 years ago, some college friends of mine and I went down there and poked around. It was very cool (and spooky). I'm surprised that the City is giving tours. When I went down there it was fairly unsafe. The entrance we used has long-since been sealed up...guess the school got tired of drunk college students wandering in and out of there at all hours of the night.

As an addendum, I used to infrequently associate with Mr. Pescovich when we both hung out with the so-called 'Salt Ball Manor' crew in Clifton. Wow, haven't thought of those guys in years...

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Dusting off the furniture...
Damn, where'd all these cobwebs come from?

Well, since I haven't posted here in a damn long time, here's a questionnaire stolen from my buddy (and fellow DAM staffer) Greg at Planet Swank.

First movie you can remember seeing?

Star Wars. I was seven...there was a theater in Trolley Square in Salt Lake City that showed nothing but Lucas' masterpiece for a year straight. That was bliss, my friends. Star Wars on the big screen, whenever you wanted it.

Last movie you saw that you loved?

Wild Zero, which I watched at Greg's place while visiting a week ago. Damn fine flick. Guitar Wolf rocks...!

First movie you saw on a date?

Hmm, I didn't date much in my youth (I was an otaku even then!), but I remember seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark with a ladyfriend of mine in grade school. I did see Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey with one of my first serious girlfriends, but I don't remember much about the movie :)

First movie you can remember that you disagreed strongly with the critics/reviews about?

If I remember correctly, Blade Runner got a pretty fair drubbing from critics at the time. Or maybe Buckaroo Banzai, which I absolutely loved...and still do to this day.

What movie have you dreamed about?

I don't remember my dreams that often...

A secret thing you did in a darkened theater:

See the 'date' question...use your imagination...

Ever lied about something so you could see a movie?

Yes...I made up a bogus story about taking my cat to the vet to get in line for tickets for Star Wars: Episode 1. Of course, the local TV station chatted me up, and my boss saw me on the 6 o'clock news...he was a cool guy, though. The next day, he told me 'We all knew why you really took the day off, so I wasn't surprised'.

The worst movie you ever saw and the best thing about it:

The Mummy. I liked the nekkid Egyptian chick during the fairly decent opening sequence. It's all downhill from there, though. I remember whispering to my wife about halfway through the film. 'We could spend the next hour of our lives watching this crap, or go get ice cream.' She agreed that ice cream was the better alternative. That's the only film I've ever walked out on.

One person you’ve never seen a movie with but would like to sometime:

Well, okay...I'll agree with Greg...he'd be a cool dude to check out a movie with. So Greg, if you're reading this, we're gonna have to make a point to hit the cinema when I come up for Gen Con in August...!

What kind of movie you’d like to see with that person:

Anything otaku-friendly.

A movie you’re embarrassed to admit you enjoyed:

At this point, it looks like The Chronicles of Riddick. Dumb? Yes. Fun? Yes.

Your favorite movie and the worst thing about it:

Well, I've already spilled the beans on my favorite movie, Brazil. As for the worst thing about it? I guess I feel Jill's character is woefully underdeveloped. Still, she's meant to be Sam's unattainable 'dream woman'. To characterize her further would only undermine the distance needed to create an aura of mystery about her.

To understand something about you, people need to see this movie:


List by title: Saddest/ funniest/ scariest/ overrated/ underrated:

Saddest: When I was younger I saw a film with Diane Lane called Touched by Love about a girl with Cerebral Palsy that has a crush on Elvis. Man, that movie made me cry every time I saw it...even when I was 10.
Funniest: The Blues Brothers
Scariest: Wisconsin Death Trip
Overrated: Zatoichi...Beat Takeshi's version. I love Beat Takeshi, and I love Zatoichi, but this film really didn't do anything for me.
Underrated: John Carpenter's The Thing. Great remake...

A movie you haven’t seen yet but you really want to?

Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Samourai. Will someone please release this movie on DVD in the U.S.?

A movie character you could really relate to, or even wish you could be like?

Snake Plissken. Love that 'tat.

Movie that the person you got this from reminds you of:

Wild Zero. That movie is Greg. Pretty much every conversation I've ever had with the guy can be related back to Wild Zero.

When I say the word, you say the first movie that comes to mind:

Yasuru Hasebe's yakuza flick Bloody Territories, because I just finished writing a review of it.

If you were a movie what genre would you be filed under at the video store?

Erotic thriller, baby!

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