Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Keanu Reeves as John Constantine?
Holy Christ, someone up there must hate diehard comic-book fans. While the latest crop of comic films are pretty damn good, all things considered, low-key characters like Hellblazer's main man John Constantine and The Punisher are getting fucked hard by fate. I mean, WTF...not only are they taking Constantine from his stomping grounds in London and dropping him in the US of A (thereby eliminating just about everything cool about his character), they have decided to hand the role to one of the least emotive actors in Hollywood, Keanu Reeves. Don't get me wrong, he's actually done a decent job in the Matrix films, and I actually like some of his past work, but he's just really the wrong choice for the role of urban-sorcerer John Constantine. There are a whole crop of young, gritty English actors who could pull of Constantine without a moment's thought, but somehow they hook up one-half of Bill and Ted to fill the man's shoes.

Oh, and it gets worse. Yes, I said worse.

The director is none other than Francis Lawrence, whose resume boasts videos for Britney Spears.


(via Dark Horizons)

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